Cat and Dog First Aid

Hello! I recently completed a First Aid for Cats and Dogs training through the Red Cross (online). It only cost :heavy_dollar_sign: 25 and I found it very helpful, and seems like a nice thing to be able to add to one’s profile. Just passing along to other sitters in case of interest!


@MojaveForever Thank you for sharing - what a great reminder for me as my human first aid course needs refreshing so adding a pet one as well would be great!


Hi @MojaveForever. This is great topic and has come up a few times here in the forum. Especially post-pandemic, since most earlier courses were conducted in person and now many are online. Thanks for the reminder and the suggestion.

Here’s one of those discussions for anyone interested in other options for training/certification:

Many humane societies in the US also offer such training.


Hi - does the course supply you with a certificate of completion?

Hi @Enjaybee yes it does :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Dog CPR is a life-saving treatment in an emergency situation. Much like human CPR, it involves artificial respiration and chest compressions to help resuscitate a dog who is not breathing.

Dog CPR should only ever be performed on animals who have completely stopped breathing. It should only be done in an emergency and you should call a vet immediately.

And remember, whether human or canine, to get the right cadence for the chest compressions, sing “Stayin’ Alive” in your head as you do it!

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I e just see. A Facebook post (a local person to me) trying to find a pet sitter for the day. Several people responded saying that she needs to ensure they are DBS checked and have dog first aid. I have been house/pet sitting for 5 years and have never been asked if I can do dog first aid? I have give. Medication. And performed certain care of ears etc. but that’s it. Should I really be getting training in pet first aid?

To me, it sounds like this would be getting into the paid professional category.


Arh you could be right. Although it didn’t say that. I mean how many dog owners get training in pet first aid ?

The Welcome Guide should have their veterinary information. There’s also the Vet advice service available for sitters.

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Hi @Stilgoingstrong It is not a necessity to have a DBS or be trained in dog first aid to house sit for TrustedHousesitters, but it certainly can be useful, especially for the dog first aid part, especially if there is an emergency situation.
My hubby and I have both a DBS certificate and are trained in Pet First Aid & CPR and sometimes some homeowners may require a DBS due to their particular property which we are more than happy to supply but it is personal preference as to whether or not you have either.
Also as @jcvbva mentioned, there is also the Vet Advice Line available 24/7. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may find the attached link helpful.

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A DBS is only valid up to the day it is produced and then after that it is out of date so it’s kind of a bit pointless unless you’re happy to pay £50 each time a new HO asks you for one.

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