CPR + First Aid course

Given the year’s of experience with my own pets and with the pets I sat for I have gathered a lot of knowledge but now I want to follow a certified course for CPR and First aid for pets. Only in Spain I can’t find any. There are some online but maybe this is better IRL. So can this group send me in the right direction?


Good for you for wanting to get certified in pet first aid! I’m certified but, thankfully, have never had to use those skills. It’s great to know what to do, just in case. I was certified IRL by the ASPCA, but they’re not offering in-person training in many areas at the moment.

Here’s a course you might try from a group called MyCPRNow. I’ve not used them, just did a quick search on pet first aid and cpr certification, and they were at the top of the list.

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@Karen-Moderator we have both just completed this course and are now certified thank you :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


That’s wonderful @Samox24. I always hate recommending something I’ve not used myself but thought it might be useful. Did you find the course thorough and useful? Would you recommend it to others?

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@Karen-Moderator yes we found it very thorough & informative and highly recommended this course to others.
It’s certainly always best to be prepared as much as possible for anything that comes your way!

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That’s great to hear! I may use them when I next refresh my training, as it’s can still be difficult to find in-person training in many areas. Thanks for letting us know @Samox24. Hopefully none of us will ever need to use these skills!

@Lieve did you find training you liked?

Thank you for the course!


Hi @anawilliam850. Have you taken this course?

Yes, I did. It’s in France where they have the obligation for paid petsitters to have a course of 2,5 days IRL. At their moment I am looking to find a sit in late spring that will allow me to follow it.

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Wonderful! I’m so glad to hear that. Would you recommend that course for others?

Yes I would, as long as you master the French language.

I was asking not for myself but because we have other members in France who might be interested in refreshing their first aid skills. Who runs the program you used?

l’Attestation de Connaissances pour les Animaux de Compagnie d’Espèces Domestiques (ACACED)

This is what you have to search for. It’s given in all major towns by certified agencies.

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Fabulous! Thanks for sharing the details @Lieve.

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