Cat needs pilling - struggling

Hi guys,
I’ve pilled a cat many times before but this time I can’t put it in food as she’s only taking liquid, the cat is afraid of me still so catching her is a battle. I spoke to the THS vetline suggested using pill drop but I’m struggling to keep this cat still and open her mouth to use.
Any thoughts. It’s vital I give the cat her pills.

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There is another recent thread about this with suggestions. I commented on that one and am happy to try to help you also

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@richten1 Here is the recent thread: I am nervous about pilling!

There were lots of helpful suggestions on there so please have a read. I am sure others will jump in and help and of course @Lassie helpful offer!


Hi @Lassie
Thank you. My issue is that kneeling with the cat is best but I’ve tweeked my acl so kneeing is incredibly painful so I’ve grabbed the struggling cat and wrapped her in a blanket on a table. Trouble is she’s shaking her head and hold her on the table, holding and opening her mouth and putting the pill in as a single sitter is proving quite a feat tbh.
The owner has suggested I try and encourage her to eat some treats with the pills crushed inside which would make life easy.

How about crushing the pill and mixing it with some strained baby food chicken?

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or a can of tuna

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Have you tried scruffing her and pressing her head down (gently of course) on the table while you insert the pill? I was going to suggest putting her between your legs as you kneel on the floor, but that’s out with your injury.

Cream cheese is working magic for an old dog that I have now that won’t eat pills in anything else. Baby food or Churro is great with most cats. If the pill is bitter, try putting it in a gelcap like I mention on the other thread.

Good luck. If all else fails, maybe the HO can pay a professional sitter to medicate the cat while you are there. I did this with one THS sitter who couldn’t give my cat the fluids she needed. The problem emerged after the sit had started, and the professional sitter just came every few days, so not the same as your situation.


We had to medicate a sick kitty twice a day for 3 months and the most effective method was crushing the pills into a powder, mixing them with Churo (or another liquid treat) and using an empty syringe to quickly squirt them deep into the cat’s mouth.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I had to take the cat for chemo yesterday. She’s only taking liquids today but I’m hoping that she’ll take the treats with the crushed pills in them.
The homeowner has offered to come back early if needed although it’s due to finish in a few days anyway.


I started by kneeling on the floor and putting her between my knees. That’s the way I’ve always pilled a cat but that seemed to mess with an old acl injury. So no unfortunately not possible.
Appreciate the suggestions.

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A cat I recently watched in the UK loved Licky Lix (or Lik e Lix) – a chicken flavored paste that comes in a tube. It comes in different flavors.

Hi all,
just an update. The cat has taken churro with the pills crushed in it. So problem solved.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts.


Hi @richten1 thats great to hear :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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As an ex vet nurse our recommendation if all else fails is to crush the pill in a little butter and smear it on top of a paw or on the flank if they can reach it. Cats are such clean animals they usually can’t resist licking to clean it off. A lot of pills taste yucky once crushed so if hiding it in food it’s best to use smelly foods like tuna, sardines etc