Cats Are Connoisseurs Of Comfort

Happy October 1st Caturday

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort - ask any feline :heart_eyes_cat:

What’s the craziest/funniest position/place you’ve ever seen a cat in?




hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity. After looking after or being around 10’s of cats over more decades that I care to say you are so right. All cats seem to have a couple of favourite sleeping spots, including the seemingly crazy spots! My family had a cat that loved to sleep on the back of a sofa but the thinnest point. A mid sleep twitch or stretch and bang she came. She jumps back up and goes to sleep again. It’s like a jedi mind trick for some cats…I will fit on this…!!

This kitty’s dreaming of flying, maybe?


Who needs a cushion when a warm and friendly Labrador will do.


Last winter, in Chicago, during my very first kitty sit, this little one liked to sleep next to the washer and dryer when they were running. She even tucked her paws underneath where the extra warmth could be found.