Challenges and Considerations for Homeowners and Petsitters in the Online Application Process

Hello my dear ones,

I have a general question for homeowners or experienced petsitters:

  • How far in advance do you post your ads on the internet?

  • And how long does it usually take for you to make a decision?

Unfortunately, I often find myself in a situation where there is either not enough demand or I don’t receive any response to my applications for a very long time. This can be quite stressful as a petsitter. Moreover, receiving a response to an application would be seen as a sign of appreciation. Often, one does not know whether they are being ignored or if the homeowner simply needs more time to make a decision for some reason.

Thank you very much for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:



Hello @Lena_Ria
Your questions have been asked before on the forum so if you do a search you should find answers.

Sitters can see that when we have a few saved searches. I get notifications for sits up to a year ahead, but often it is much shorter. Yesterday’s notifications: one for October 10th, three for mid September.

But I am booked until mid October, and those are sits that had been arranged in June.

How far in advance do Owners post? It varies a lot, but I would guess the median is in the 1-2 months range. Would love to see some statistics from THS analysis on both of your questions.

How long to make a decision? It varies a lot as well. I hear your frustration when you get no response. I wish Owners would be more swift and communicative!

Best of luck to you!

As a sitter when I started I’d look months in advance but now with many sits behind me I’m a bit more laid back and usually look at sits 4-6 weeks out unless a sit comes up in a place on my bucket list. I also get repeat sit and direct message sit requests to think about.

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