Changes in the HO & sitters profile?

Thanks for the information @Carla ! I’m afraid getting the information on the forum is not at all enough, you need to get it to all members before you start. We’re members, but also paying customers.

Like now, the questions asked are not quite clear and not the most relevant. Like I had the one about how much my dog needs walking each day. Unless it’s also asked, how many walks and how long each of them takes, it’s not very useful. Our dog would have three 20 min walks, which is different than someone who has one 1 hour walk., but we both would answer 60 min.

Same with the question @Crookie had: how long can the dog be left alone. For us, 3-4 hours daily and 6-8 hour once or twice a week. If I’d put the first, sitters who’d like to explore the area more would not aply. If I’d put the latter, I’d attract sitters who’d like to go out every day.

So, you see not all the questions are as simple as one might think.