Changes to European Travel In 2024

I just read this article on upcoming requirements for Americans aa well as other countries traveling to Europe in 2024. Maybe some.have seen it, yet important information to know ahead of traveling plans. This includes the United Kingdom as well. It also mentions Canadian travelers and other countries as well.

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Its similar to what us Aussies need to do for the USA and Canada now. FYI. The UK is bringing similar rules in next year as well.

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It’s not only applicable to US citizens

From 2024, If you are a citizen of any of these countries

And want to visit any of these countries

Then you will need to apply for an ETIAS before travelling

Full details can be found here


Thanks @Colin for sharing this. Something lots of sitters will need to be aware of - and owners as well, I’m thinking.


@Colin thanks for the heads up. Very useful :+1:

Thank you Colin. Sometimes I think it might be easier to stay home :joy::wink:

It’s a PITA, coming from a place (and passport) of extreme privilege - but it’s also only 7 euros and it looks like an incredibly easy application. I’ve traveled to countries with far more hoops to jump through, and, as @Timshazz alludes, MANY countries have to do something similar to visit places like the US and Canada. I mostly feel for people in the European countries not included that now have to fill out a form and pay to access their neighbors.

I am glad that the family wedding in Europe was this summer instead of next, but this isn’t going to keep me from visiting a country on that list.

@Angela_L is it possible to change the title to reflect that this impacts citizens of many countries besides the US?

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The original article i shares highlighted that , but yes the policy change will be effecting multiple countries.

Done @belluca, if you have a preferable title then please let me know.

I posted this information on 16 June and it got pulled down by @Carla_C telling me
"we have a forum term that we are unable to accept any posts or comments that discuss visa, border control or entry requirements to countries.

I will copy it here for your reference:

You may not bring to the forum for discussion or display any matters appertaining to immigration. Including but not restricted to: visas: visa applications, visa denial, visa removal, legal entry, right to remain, right to reside, refusal of entry or deportation, border crossings or narrative for border officials on entry. Posts containing references to any of these matters, no matter how tenuous, will be not be published and will be removed."

@Crookie Thank you - As per my previous post on a similar topic (just in case others have not seen that one)

It does mean exactly 90 days, so changing from one country to the next in Europe doesn’t extend the time, and you can’t return until another 90 days have passed. In the UK, since we left the EU, it means people who used to spend the whole winter in the sun in Spain, for instance, can no longer do so. They have to come home and can’t return until the correct number of days has passed. A friend has sold her French holiday home due to this because she can’t spend the time she wants there. Its confusing and restricting

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Maybe just remove “for US citizens”, since it affects people from many countries?

Not a big deal and I don’t mean to create work. I just could see someone not from the US skipping over the thread due to the title, when it could be information they would benefit from.


On a slightly more positive note, the scheme has been postponed several times and doesn’t have a specific date to come into operation yet as far as I can tell.

The ETIAS authorisation will last 3 years or until the expiry of the passport, whichever is sooner, so it’s not a case of having to apply before each trip.

Since my passport will need to be replaced in April 2025, I really need them to postpone the scheme a couple of times more since I’m a tight wad!

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