Where can Americans travel in Europe? County-by-country Guide

31 AUG 2021 - Info for US travelers only.

There’s been a lot of news again over the past few days about the EU reinstating travel restrictions for US travelers, but although it’s an EU directive it isn’t currently mandatory, and each member state can still make their own decisions. That does mean good research is necessary :slight_smile:

It’s more important than ever to check ahead and ensure that if you are traveling to the European Union (remember UK excluded now), that you check the requirements with government websites for the country you’ll be entering.

Here’s a useful link that shows country-by-country for EU what is currently in place, but more importantly it has links to office gov, travel or embassy website links from within those destinations.


Great share @Vanessa-Admin! Thank you.
I follow this guy but yours seems faster on updates.

My HO leaves today To France for 80 days!
We have been watching for all updates and have gone over many plans in preparation of any adversity.

Thank you @Amparo - another great guide but just beware this is currently dated 14th August so may not be up-to-date. Hope your HO makes it through their 3 months without a hitch!! :slight_smile:

the http://travel.state.gov website for the most recent travel warnings and alerts or contact
This is the website to be registered to receive travel updates for specific countries.