Current entry regulations for Brits to USA: Confused!

Hi, For us Brits with housesits pending in the US, can anyone clarify for me my obligations IF Brits are allowed to travel this summer? I ask with the May 17th date looming and with the UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps promising that countries will be categorised red, amber or green on May 6th.
Currently, US is NOT on the UK ‘red list’ AND the travel industry is sure that US will remain so. Therefore, IF I am allowed to get on a flight on August 3rd, will I have to self isolate in Florida upon arrival? Thanks in advance.

Some info here

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And general info about international travel to the US here.

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Thank you for this. But a) the information is now probably a little out of date ( February ) and b) doesn’t give international travellers information on their obligations once in Florida.

I would think the govt would have the latest info on their site. If it’s not been updated, that would suggest to me that it has not changed since then? Also, the first link I gave you is info specific to Florida. I was going to tell you my opinion on what their rules were but thought a direct link would be more trustworthy.

Maybe someone else has something different?

ETA: I also found this on the UK Gov site.