Changing dates, cancelling dates, and cancellation tracking

Hello! As far as I am aware, THS does track cancellations but that information is not available to members. However even that information was from a thread I saw on this forum and I don’t know if it is actually accurate. I was hoping some moderators or experienced members could shed some light on this, because cancellation tracking is a fuzzy area and it seems like good information for everyone to have!

We had originally posted sit dates that started the evening before our early morning departure, to make time for a handoff with a new sitter. We ended up being very lucky and booking one of our wonderful past sitters which makes the handoff unnecessary and allows for them to arrive after we leave the following morning, which works out perfectly for both of us! Unfortunately, the only way to change dates after confirming a sitter is to unconfirm the sitter (ie cancel the sit), edit the dates, re-invite, and re-confirm.

My questions are:

  • Is it worth going through this cumbersome process to change the sit? Any liability concerns I’m overlooking? My initial thought is no.
  • If I changed dates, would this “cancellation” be added to my total cancellation count?
  • Expanding on the last question: how are cancellations counted when the HO is the only one who can “officially” initiate the process, even if the sitter is the one who cancels? Does THS read through conversations to see who is truly cancelling or… ?

Thank you!


On a sit in September the owners flight has changed to the day before. They did let me know and apologised, its fine with me. The owner contacted the membership team and they did the alteration. I got a notification to say the sit had new dates which had been agreed.


I don’t know about tracking, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need to cancel the sit to change dates. I did it recently for our leave date and just had to update the listing and the sitter had to accept the new date. Now AA changed our flight home but I won’t bother to change it again, I just confirmed with the sitter it was okay. The only risk might be concerning insurance if something happened that last day that’s technically not part of the THS sit. Hope that helps?

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@adelia - If you contact customer services they will alter the dates for you.

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