Changing profile from pet sitter to house sitter

I have a combination membership. My profile is set to find a pet sitter and I would like to change it to find a house sit.

@lieber61 , I have a sitter membership so can’t provide precise guidance but you will have two separate “advertisements.” One will be your sitter profile, the second will be your house/pet owner listing. Don’t combine the information. They’re totally separate.

@lieber61 We have dual THS membership as home owners and sitters. Go to your “me” section (the person icon) and you will see in the menu “view and edit listing” where you list your home & pet sit when you are looking for a sitter. Under that is “view or edit profile” this is where you set up your sitter profile. As @mars said, both profiles work independently of each other so home owners can only see your sitter profile and not your home owner profile.