Change from sitter to owner

Please help!!!

How do I change my profile from SITTER TO OWNER.

Please can someone help - I am desperate.

How do I change my profile from a sitter to a owner looking for a sitter. I am at my wits end with the site.


On the main THS site (not in the forum) - click the dropdown arrow next to where your photo can go (top right corner on most devices, I think), then click Settings ->Membership ->Change Membership Plan. It opens defaulted to ‘sitter’, so click on ‘combined’ (just above the credit card symbols on my laptop). I think that should work for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am having the same problem and have already contacted the company for additional support. My membership does indicate that I have already purchased a plan for “standard sitter” but when I click my profile, it still asks me questions that seem related to being “a sitter”. To clarify, I am only interested in the pet sitting and not the house sitting so the “combined” offer is not within my interest.

Hi @cleung527 Welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining.

I have checked your account and your membership is a Standard Sitter, the reason it’s not live yet is that you haven’t completed your profile there are sections still to complete including the verifications. Once you have completed all of the sections, added your photographs, completed the verifications your profile will be approved and live on the site. To give yourself the best opportunity when applying for sits you need to add some external references this gives owners additional confidence.

If you need any help developing your profile there are excellent articles on the Blog and I’m certain you will get help from our members here on the forum.

Welcome again we can’t wait to share in your THS journey.

Angela and the Team

Dear Angela,

The whole problem is I am not a sitter I am a owner. I need to change this . I want a dog sitter. I have paid £99 for this.

Hi @serenamomberg I can help you with this but I cannot find your THS through your forum registration. If you can DM (Direct message) me your THS registered email address I can get this changed immediately.

Thank you

What is THS please.
It says my property is live but I have had no emails?

Apologise @serenamomberg THS is TrustedHousesitters and I have removed your post code from the comment. If your listing is live then your membership is an owner membership. I am going to Direct Message you now look for a message in your forum account.

When you say you’ve not received any emails I’m understanding you have not received any sitter applications? If your listing has only just gone live you need to give it time for sitter to see and apply.

Ok thank you Angela.

Could you please look at the listing and see it is OK as I have been a member for over a year with not one email.

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I have just Direct messaged you again …

Hi Angela, thanks for your response. I do not want to be a sitter. I am an owner looking for a sitter. The questions on my profile are related to being a sitter, which is confusing. My friend, who is a owner, says that she is not familiar with the questions being asked. For example, I am asked to verify my ID and add references, also asking me where I would like to travel to and update my availability.

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Hi I have changed your membership to that of owner, you should be able to complete your listing now, many apologies for the confusion.

Do let me know if you have any more issues.

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THANK YOU! The profile has been switched and it all makes sense now.

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