First time on here

I’m Phoenix -) hello everyone. Never knew this forum existed until today. Me and my partner JC have been using THS as owners for about 18 months ( 10 times already ) and have had nothing but fabulous experiences.
I do have a question …… I would like to become a sitter as well. How do I do this and what advice would you have for us?
We live in Greenville SC by the way!
Thank you


HI @Phoenixsnow and welcome to the forum. Here you will find so much information from both pet parents and sitters that will help you with most any question that may arise. This is a great question and one that will be quite easy to answer.

It is very easy to upgrade your membership to become both a sitter and a pet parent.
On the main THS site (not in the forum) - click the dropdown arrow next to where your photo can go (should be the top right corner on most devices), then click Settings ->Membership ->Change Membership Plan. It opens defaulted to ‘sitter’, so click on ‘combined’ (just above the credit card symbols on my laptop). This should be all you need to do to change. You will then just pay the difference in the upgrade. You will also need to have the background check to qualify as a sitter, but it is a very easy thing to do. Just follow the link and answer all the questions.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to any of us here on the forum.

Have an wonderful day.


You rock-) thank you for the quick response!

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