Charlie The Loneliest Dog In Britain Finds His Forever Home

This is the heartwarming story of Charlie, dubbed the loneliest dog in Britain. He had been in an RSPCA rescue centre in Somerset for more than 500 days. Now he has found his forever home. :dog::heart:


Heart melting! Thanks for sharing the story.

My husband and I adopted our dog, who’d been found as a stray, was adopted and returned. He’d sat at the shelter for months, because he had problems that people didn’t want to take on. We figured, if we don’t adopt him, who will?

We’ve gotten him various help and have been very patient with him in the years since. He’ll never be right in the head and will always need extra care, but we adore him.


Hi @Maggie8K you are very welcome and thank you for adopting your boy, he now has a loving home and feels secure :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh @Maggie8K it’s so wonderful that you took this little guy in and made him an important, furry member of your family. It’s always heartbreaking to learn of pups who are adopted only to be returned. Good for you for giving him the love and forever home he so desperately needed!