Ideal information owners could provide for dog sitters

Hi all, especially owners of dogs

I’ve just seen this information about a Chihuahua needing a home, supplied by The Cinnamon Trust - a lovely UK charity for which I volunteered during the pandemic. The charity provides volunteer dog walkers, foster homes and long term homes for owners of cats and dogs who are unable to walk/care for their pets owing to disability, terminal disease and ultimately their death.

I think this description gives all the information a prospective owner would need, and think it would be useful for home owners on this site to take on board so prospective sitters can make an informed decision about applying and not have to keep asking the same questions where not enough info has been provided in the posting:

‘Little Beau our 10 year old male long haired Chihuahua is seeking his forever friend .

He is such a lovely boy and will make a perfect pet for a lady who is around most of the day. He can be left(when settled) for a couple of hours. He can also be wary of strangers especially men and he isn’t used to living with children . Visitors should ignore him as he will bark but then he will settle . Ideally Beau is looking for a home without cats as he will chase and bark at them. He is ok with other dogs he meets on walks and will say hello although he doesn’t like it if they are boisterous or they are overly familiar then he will snap or growl…he is only little guy but has the heart of a lion!!!

He is perfectly clean indoors and non-destructive , has basic commands ……usually although selective deafness can occur so commands have to be repeated. He loves to play with soft toys and will play fetch - he travels well in the car and usually is keen to get into his pet carrier as he knows he is off on an adventure He walks well on the lead but with no recall so not let off lead except in an safe and enclosed private dog park and then he will come back when called.

The postman is his nemesis and will bark with passion if he sees one even is he out on a walk and will bark furiously when the post arrives at home.

He can alert you is there is a visiting hedgehog in your garden , his Mum told us he has a special woof to let you know one is in his garden ….he lives in a fairly rural situation so isn’t used to heavy or load traffic.
Beau on a fairly soft diet as had a few teeth removed previously but has a good appetite and really enjoys the occasional small piece of sausage or cheese as a treat. This little guy is super cute and will be a loving and devoted companion’


@Smiley Such a great charity and such a great idea.

I think it is super helpful for both owners and sitter’s to know as much as possible about the pet/s.
Adding details like this in listings really benefits both sets of members, as sitters know exactly what the pet’s personality and needs are and owners find the most suitable person for their pet!
Plus the pet is completely understood as an individual and sitters are totally prepared for their little habits, preferences and personalities.
I know that owners are so used to their pet’s traits, which is great they know their furbabies better than anyone, but sharing little facts can get overlooked as pet parents are so used to them, so I am all for sharing more pet information. Plus I am also always grateful for the owners sharing their expertise and work around for certain situations.
Also as a sitter, the more that I know about the pet the less I worry or have to bother the owner if something small comes up and I already know that is a little trait of theirs.
I have also seen information like this written from the dog’s perspective and I think that is awesome and super cute!


Thanks @Carla-Moderator. Re your last point, I’ve housesat for a couple twice in the UK (and met up & travelled with them for a few days in NZ). What particularly attracted me to their post in the first instance was that they wrote it from the dog’s perspective, cute Border Terrier Ozzy.

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I think it is really important for people to provide that sort of detail about their dogs upfront–it will save time for both parties. My husband and I are much more discerning about dog sits in more recent times, and there are a number of things we like to know about the animals, and their routine, to determine if it is the right sit for us. I like when we get at least the bulk of the important information in the listing.

It could be a good idea for THS to provide some sort of prompt that pops up on the screen ,or some similar feature, visible to owners, suggesting important information to put in the listing if they have a dog–how long they can be left alone for, whether they are just put out in the yard or need walks, and if so, for how long and how many, walking and feeding times, behavioral issues, where they sleep,etc…