Christmas sitting

I’ve just accepted a lovely 4 day sit over Christmas in Winchcombe, Cotswolds, with 2 soppy lurchers and my own dog, Brecon, can come with me! Perfect to see Gloucester Cathedral on Christmas Day.


@LTD Winchcombe is lovely and has so many great walking routes surrounding it. We’ll be at home just over the hill in Cheltenham for Christmas itself. Then if all goes to plan we’ll be sitting in Moreton in Marsh, over a few hills in the opposite direction, just after Christmas.

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Thanks for the feedback, Snowbird.

Hi Chris,
You may be limiting your options. We live in Spain and are driving to France for our Christmas sit. We have an EU covid pass so there is no issue with us entering the country. I believe France is now looking for covid booster evidence for over 65’s. There may be many like us willing to sit.

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Thanks Savvysitter
I’ll make a few changes.

@Angela and @Amparo - thank you for the feedback. I’m hoping I can entice someone. I’m only going to be an hour away since we rented a cabin in the Smokys for Christmas for family driving in to join us there from Kansas and Pennsylvania. It’s just that we can’t take the cat, and we can’t leave the cat alone due to separation anxiety, so…

I may update the listing to include the use of a car, but with the only close airport to us being a small regional one, I can’t figure out how anyone is getting here unless they drive here or fly into that tiny regional airport. I was going to put up the tree for Christmas here too, but we had planned to take it to the cabin for our Christmas. I even went tree shopping so we could maybe have a tree here too, but none of the ones we liked were in stock. LOL I’m very picky on Christmas trees. I may go out again this weekend and look elsewhere for the right tree.


If you would like a Christmas sit in a little village in Cambridgeshire England please let me know as our confirmed sitter has just let us down.

Hi all!

I’m hoping you can help. We’ve been on trusted housesitters for quite a few months now and have secured a sitter for our date in April 2022 but noone for Christmas this year.

We’ve got everything else booked and are desperate for someone to look after our two beautiful dogs in the UK. If anyone can help out we’d greatly appreciate it.

If you’re interested please get in contact.

Many thanks,
Ash and Vi. X

Hello TH community. We are pretty new to the community and I am reading with interest about the struggle for Christmas housesits. We have had a sit posted for quite a while and still haven’t found someone. We feel that it needs to be someone who is already in the UK as we know that travel rules and COVID restrictions can change really fast. We have a lovely home in Edinburgh, with loads of amenities. We do home exchanges and are inundated with requests for that, but just haven’t had any luck with TH. Hoping that there is someone out there who can give our Aussie and kitty some love as well as enjoying a world class city.

“our confirmed sitter has just let us down.”

Gentle suggestion not to use that wording in your listing or with potential sitters. People have to cancel for all sort of reasons. I know it’s disappointing and a hassle, but as a potential sitter, I’d be wary of a HO who complains about someone who canceled (and I might wonder if it had to do with pre-sit communication).

I feel the pain of all those HOs that are struggling to find a sitter for their dear pets. I wish I could assist each and everyone one of you, but that’s impossible. I wish you the best of luck in finding your sitters. Boarding a plane tomorrow to head north for an extended holiday break. Will be squeezing two sits (18 days/20days) in between now and January. Best wishes for a great holiday season to all! :evergreen_tree: :gift: :snowflake:


Safe and happy travels @Joanne and thank you for your good wishes for our community. Have yourself a great holiday season and enjoy your “squeezed in” sits :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

Thanks so much @Angela-CommunityManager…I’m a moving target this time of year, and adding THS into the mix, has just made life that much more interesting :heart_eyes:

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Erin, good luck finding a sitter. We are HO and sitters so I totally understand the frustration of not being able to find a sitter. My husband and I are in love with Scotland. I only wish we lived there vs the US or I would definitely apply. Best of luck.

Hi Erin,
I see you’ve had several applicants for your Xmas sit so hope you find the perfect friend for Milo and Kora

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Thanks Katie. I do feel let down as she confirmed for her, her husband and son, then asked if we could accommodate her two daughters which we said we could. She messaged two weeks later to say they were now a party of 10 and clearly our home couldn’t fit them as we can only sleep 6.
It was as if we were supposed to be an Airbnb not a registered owner looking for a pet sitter. I was really disappointed.
It was their first sit so no references but we were happy to give them a chance as you have to start somewhere. Not the best start sadly and we lost two weeks of listing and now I’m worried we won’t get a sitter as it looks as if we declined them, which we didn’t.
That’s why we feel let down.

Wow - seriously? I think you might’ve dodged a bullet with that one…

Hi @Nim62 … it does seem like your original sitters have confused TrustedHousesitters with an Airbnb equivalent and I’m sorry that’s resulted in wasted time for you, especially as you were given newcomers a wonderful opportunity. Your listing looks amazing, with beautiful pets and if we had our return dates to the UK confirmed I’d be applying, so I’m sure you’ll get some responses especially as you are open to families and flexible with dates.

I will tag @Therese-Moderator to see if it’s possible to boost your listing at this stage. Do be reassured that no-one looking at your listing now can see that a sit didn’t proceed. Fingers crossed for you and all the best. Vanessa

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Thank you all for your comments. I have no ill feelings to my potential sitter, just disappointment, especially as I was well into planning to decorate the house for Christmas for their stay to make it all christmassy.
It is difficult, I do understand that, but better to have plans made before confirming a sit.

Onwards and upwards and fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

HI @Nim62 as well as asking @Therese-Moderator to help with boosting your listing would you like this shared across our social channels Facebook, Twitter etc?

There are no personal details or links to the listing included, unless you give permission for the listing link to be shared and if it is only members can access the site and apply. It will give your listing another extra boost.

Thank you also for being a generous owner and considering your sitters … a pet and housesit is not a free Airbnb in any respect but a lovely opportunity for sitters to spend a wonderful Christmas sharing the festive time with your furry family.

Do let me know about the social sharing.