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Hi Angela thank you, that sounds like a great idea. I’m happy for you to share the link as long as its just members who can access those channels.
Many thanks


@Nim62 I have now boosted your listing. I have emailed you directly from membership services so do keep in touch via that email sent. Keeping fingers crossed as you have a lovely listing. Kind regards Therese


Like any other request some are available and some are not. of course the sooner you put in your request the better chance for success.

Dates:23.12.2021 - 08.01.2021 (evtl. Verlängerung bis 21.01.21
Location: Herzogenaurach
Country: Deutschland

Request: Hallo, mein Name ist Kathrin. Ich suche dringend eine/n Housesitter über Weihnachten und Neujahr.
Wir haben eine bezaubernde Hündin und eine Katze die allerdings nur Abends kommt.
Wir wohnen in Herzogenaurach bei Nürnberg. Haben ein Haus mit Garten. #
Über Hilfe würde ich mich sehr freuen

Danke schonmal und hoffentlich bis bald

Hello, my name is Kathrin. I am urgently looking for a house sitter over Christmas and New Year.
We have an adorable dog and a cat that only comes in the evenings.
We live in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg. We have a house with a garden. #
About help I would be very happy

Thanks already and hopefully see you soon

(Translated with (free version) )

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Hello @Kathrin and welcome to the forum. I’ve translated your application here and moved this to the Christmas Sitting post as this particular last minute category is for sits that start within 7 days. There are still lots of sitters looking for sits so hopefully you’ll get more applications over the coming week. There are a number of German owners/sitters in the forum as well so you may get some benefit from connecting with them and sharing feedback. All the best, Vanessa

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Hallo Vanessa,
vielen Dank. Ich hoffe sehr das ich durch das Forum Erfolg habe. Es wäre echt schade wenn wir unserer Weihnachtsreise zur Familie sonst nicht antrete können.

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Wie kann ich mich denn mit anderen verbinden?

@Kathrin To connect with other join the conversations, check out people’s profiles by clicking on the circle icon, and you can direct message them. You might find it easier if you can translate your posts to English first, as many won’t speak or write German I suspect. All the best.

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Thanks- So far not found anyone so hoping the right person/persons see us and get in touch!

Hello, We are looking for sitters from 27th Dec to 11th January and realising that it may be difficult to travel to the Outer Hebrides in time for these date may be awkward or that people may want to be together for Christmas, I am offering the use of our self catering cottage to extend these dates and to accommodate extended family.
I would hope that this would increase interest in our request. This seemed to be the only way that I could put the offer forward. If there is any other way can you please let me know.
Thank you

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Hi @LilyBenbecula welcome to our community forum and that is such a generous offer … I have moved your post to the Christmas sitting thread where is will get more interest and viiews.

The extended dates on your listing are now the 22nd - 11th Jan including Christmas, is that correct because the dates in this post are from the 27th? Perhaps include some pictures of the cottage in your listing and add the availability into your listing.

Many owners have success proactively searching for and contacting sitters. You say sitters need a car would it be possible to make one available while they are on the sit, although not knowing what transport is like to get to you they may need to arrive by car anyway.

You have lovely feedback from previous sitters “Altogether a very enjoyable sit and one we are happy to recommend to others!”

We can also share your listing across our Social channels if this is something you would like us to do.

Thank you for joining us here on the forum and we hope you get some applications, you really are presenting a great opportunity for a Christmas and New Year family experience.

Angela and the Team

Hey there,

My husband and I live in Melbourne, Australia and we are heading away for the Christmas break from the 24th December - 1st January

We have a gorgeous apartment in Port Melbourne right next to the beach and we are looking for a lovely someone to house sit and look after our fur baby Banjo, who is a stumpy tailed red heeler

If you are available for these dates and looking for a fabulous Christmas break and love dogs, please get in contact :slight_smile:

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Welcome @ClareOrmerod from down under … we hope you enjoy connecting with our members all over the world. It doesn’t look as if your listing is live yet… but I wonder if you are just in the process of finalising your membership? Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help. In the meantime, we’ve moved your post here to this thread which is getting the most engagement around Christmas sits. All the best, Vanessa

Hi there,

I am brand new to the forum and recently (My listing has been live for about a month) posted about my home and pets. I am desperate for a sitter. We are trying to find someone to stay over Christmas and new year (18 Dec - 4 Jan), but I am beginning to lose hope. Real panic is beginning to settle. I had hoped my listing was inviting and my photos were appropriate, but I think the competition is just too fierce. Or is it just too far in advance? I have reached out personally to a number of sitters, but unfortunately, that hasn’t panned out. Please could someone help me? Thank you in advance.

Where is your house? I wouldn’t get desperate just yet, but maybe book a paid sitter (that you can cancel if you find someone on THS) just in case you need it.

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Thank you so much for your reply. Our home is in Reading, Berkshire, UK. Unfortunately, I don’t have the financial resources to book a paid sitter. If we don’t find a sitter we will have to change our plans, sadly. Thanks again for your reply.

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Hi @Kara1987 and welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you are still looking, but there are still sitters that haven’t booked their Christmas sits yet. You have some great reviews and a good listing, so my only suggestion would be to maybe swap your first and second images, the summer garden seating for the more cozy winter living room that also shows lovely “Newton Floofenbarker” (what a wonderful name), and also shuffle pix 4-10 to the end of the slideshow so that sitters more quickly see your lovely pets and the space they will be living in over Christmas. It’s worth a try. All the best :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I’ve shuffled the photo’s. But not sure how to move the babes’ photos forward? I’ll try and figure it out later. Your help is greatly appreciated. Finger’s crossed it helps.

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Hi. We depart Dec 27th returning Jan 11th, so had just extended the cottage dates, but these are totally flexible, to extend either side. The cottage website address below gives ll the relevant info. It is approximately 13 miles away = a 20 minute drive.

Hey all, I know Christmas is a tough time to find a sitter. I have found that people have been a bit flaky because of their schedules changing last minute, and now it seems many regular sitters have taken other sits.

Anyone else finding this issue?