Coastal Route In Ireland Among Top Bucket List Experiences In The World

A unique coastal route in Ireland has been ranked as the fourth best bucket list experience in the world, along with the Inca Trail trek in Machu Picchu and whale watching in Alaska.

Has anyone completed this route?

Do you have any photos you can share on here?



We did a 1200 mile trek through Ireland just a couple of months ago. So so much of the countryside and the coast. I will try to post some pics later.

Look forward to seeing them @Debbie-L

Which areas or specific places in Ireland did you enjoy the best? :ireland::slightly_smiling_face:

We actually loved all the coastal areas…but one of my favorite things was visiting the Waterford Crystal Factory. I always thought it was way overpriced until we took the tour and learned the detail involved in creating each and every piece.

The Waterford area was also very beautiful. All the small towns were great as we took the road from Dublin to south, then back up the coast and back to Dublin. Fifteen days.

I have driven the Northern Ireland Causeway coastal route which is fantastic. You start in Belfast and drive North. If you watched Game of Thrones it was all filmed there