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@Angela-CommunityManager maybe the tech team there can come up with a system that stops members tagging anybody from staff on breaks etc as not all members will know who is on a break at any given time? Everybody needs a proper break and I noticed you were still responding to forum stuff while you were on your break! It should’nt be too hard for tech people to put a block on tags to a particular person and certainly worth looking at. All the best/

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@carpediem thank you for your kind wishes and concern. I’m going to move this post from the pet pics thread as it is off topic and more about communicating on the forum

We monitor the Forum constantly and if a response is needed, bearing in mind this is a Member’s Forum for members, we will respond without being tagged in fact often there is no need to tag our team at all.

Admin use tagging to notify team members when needing their involvement and responses. We use this to let forum members know that we have responded in a timely manner or to create awareness about certain matters.

Should a member have an urgent matter which needs our attention the best communication option is to use the Direct Message system. However Direct Messages are closed messaging and should never be brought to the open forum without the explicit permission of all of those involved.

We will look into your suggestions and thank you again.


@Angela-CommunityManager thanks for explaining that Angela and have a good day

Just to add. This option is available to us as well.

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