Any update on communication?

I’m sure this will likely get “poofed”, but I haven’t seen any communication, platform wide, regarding the latest changes from THS. I had video calls with two HOs this week and they were clueless.


In the absence of an email to all members I patiently await receipt of the next newsletter advising us of all the good news stories.


Did the late September newsletter come out? That was the one the updates were meant to be in as well as an email. I haven’t seen anything recently and have checked my spam just in case

I was wondering the same. Apparently I had not enabled the setting to allow emails which was why I had never received them in the past. I have updated what I hope is the correct setting so waiting patiently …

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I usually receive them but nothing so far.

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What changes? What’s going on? I haven’t heard anything.

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No newsletter or email yet @Timshazz!

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@Timshazz it’s supposed to be out by the end of this week, it’s a bit delayed apparently


@Freya and now all home owners are labeled with the ridiculous title of pet parents whether we have pets or not, even if we dont like being called that, no choice


Hi @Crookie you are absolutely correct there has been a delay in sending out the comms, we will post an update for Forum members when this happens.

Thanks everyone