Confirmed sitters' details/contact etc. How to find?

Where on the TH’s website do i find confirmed sitters’ details?

From my experience, you need to ask them if it is personal info (such as last name) that won’t be in a profile.

You don’t. They need to give them to you.

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Many thanks for your reply - all sorted out now!

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Welcome @hklovejoy - THS do not share this information with you . You need to exchange contact information ( phone number - ) with the sitter either before confirming the sit ( for a video call ) or at the latest as soon as the sit is confirmed.

If you are having difficulty in contacting a confirmed sitter through the THS platform - you can ask member services to contact them and ask them to reply to you .

You also need to provide the sitter with your address as they also don’t get this from THS.

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That’s perfect thank you!

Many thanks, all sorted now!