Verification of Sitters?

Where can I send question to THS, not to sitters or homeowners?

I think what they provide re: verification is silly, but maybe I’m missing something.

As a homeowner, I really value the reviews from past sits. Who cares if their email address and phone number are verified with THS? We just ask the sitter for them to communicate:)

These are just the easiest things to verify. Lots of websites require a verified email address. So that is why many people have a second (or third) email address for companies to send their spam to.

It is a good idea to set up an alternative channel of communication between HO and sitter. Just ask for their Whatsapp number, or email, etc.

Nothing home owners provides to the sitter is verified by anyone.

No one verifies anything in the welcome guide.

I imagine some do it this way so they don’t get inundated with spam emails from ths on their professional emails.


@AmyNJoe Data protection laws in some countries prevent companies such as THS from sharing much of what you have suggested.


Presumably, even in countries where sharing such is allowed, THS sitter verification is done as it is and info is not shared with hosts, because various sitters want to control what info is shared about them. THS’s goal is to maximize its membership, not to add elements that might keep some people from joining.

As a host, nothing is stopping you from asking for such details from sitters who apply for your sits, but they don’t have to share it. Like I have no interest in sharing my driver’s license with anyone unless there’s a rational reason, and I decide that.

Of course, if you ask and potential sitters cooperate, then you’ll find matches. If not, then maybe THS isn’t a fit for you.


The operative word is in the title, ‘trusted’. Data protection in a lot of countries means information cannot be shared. Lots of sitter are nomadic and do not have a permanent address and often change their base to the country they are in at the time, not the one they are from.
In 66 sits, I have never been asked for my drivering licence and have no interest in providing it. I, of course, give my mobile number and an email if required. Home owners do not get police checked, but sitters do.
The best thing is to write a good listing to attract people, there are generally more sits than sitters. Look at the reviews and have a video or telephone chat. Advertise for someone fairly local if you are worried and want to meet them first. As sitters we often don’t even get an address until we get a welcome guide.

No THS sitter gets really police checked. There is a database check by this company Evident for sitters that live in the US.

@Chrissy I was never requested a police check by THS.

There is a requirement of US Sitters to provide their SS#.

From here:

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I still have my DBS check done by police Scotland when I first joined in 2013. I had to pay for it but it was compulsory to join. I am also checked by my volunteer job separately every year in order to be able to work with children . I used to take copy on a sit with me and it does say on my profile I am DBS checked.

In 2013 when I joined I was checked by the police, online form sending copy of passport and driving licence. I had to pay, is that not still the case? That was the only way to join and be verified. I am sure things have moved on and it would be done by trusted housesitters. You must surely have to produce documents to show who you are. Any job or house sale today requires identification checks we can’t get through life now without someone needing verification of who we are.

@AmyNJoe Nothing at all is verified for HOs. Sitters just have to completely trust.

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I get that homeowners aren’t verified, and this site works on trust (and has worked great for us!!!), but I don’t think THS tells sitters that homeowners are verified, so that’s not my point.

(I’ve read on this forum of sitters who have shown up and it wasn’t the home shown in the listing. If that is true, perhaps a quick Zillow search of the address a homeowner provides could help.)

Anyway, I edited post bc it sounded like I wanted more verification; I was really asking THS about what they advertise as verification and why it matters…

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THS don’t read all of the posts in the forum and don’t reply to any of them .

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Thanks!! I’ll write these questions to that email addy:)

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