Was contact by a sitter who’s not registered…

Hi there someone applied as sitter for me who are using their sons account. Surely that’s not allowed…? I guess they’re not insured under THS etc if they don’t have an account… of course they could get registered once we have an arrangement - but I somehow don’t like the sound of it. What do others think?

Hi @Doro. Interesting! You’re right; there would be no coverages, etc. available from TrustedHousesitters if the sitter is using someone else’s account. And the sitter wouldn’t be ID/background checked either. Personally I wouldn’t trust someone who tried to get around the system like that to take care of my home and pets. What other corners might they feel comfortable cutting?

I’ve asked membership services to reach out to you, so they can follow up.

@Doro Oh no not a good start - presumably you liked the look of their profile and references but this was not actually for them but someone else . This could be considered fraud ?

Your sit looks great , and with over 3 weeks to go I am sure that you will be able to find sitters who not only have been verified they also have reviews from previous sits arranged through THS .
I would not be in a rush to pick someone who currently has not been verified and does not have references or reviews on the THS platform .


I haven’t reached out to them prior to them contacting me - it was them who made the first move. They’re older (in their 60s) so maybe they’re hesitant to sign up and having to deal with everything THS requires. But there’s a reason we use that trusted platform and its processes right - they’re there for a reason.


I would tread cautiously.

@Doro something similar has just happened to us today .

A lady invited us to sit for her using her sister’s profile to contact us.

We’ve declined the sit as we don’t know anything about the lady or her house because the profile and references are for someone else .

@Silversitters That does sound strange - can you please DM me the link to the sitter’s profile and I will get Membership Services to check that one out?
We have in the past had new members accidentally choose the wrong membership type at the checkout and create a sitters profile instead of a listing and then we have to swap their membership type. If they have a complete sitters profile and reaching out to you for their home, then they will need to upgrade and add a homeowners section to their membership, either way, it’s great you flagged this and we need to look further into this.

It’s not a sitter it’s someone who has invited us to sit- but they are not THS members themselves . They have used someone else’s Home Owner profile to invite us .

Have DM you

@Silversitters Oh wow, no that should not be happening! I will check my DM’s. Thank you