Considering leaving THS

@Gwenvilla You seem like a very good host who has reasonable expectations and honors the spirit of the exchange network, so it would be sad to see you leave. It may help to say that you are “looking for mature, responsible sitters who have at least ?# of reviews or references. “ Being mature and responsible are traits that are not always tied to age, and you can probe into problematic areas during your video interviews. Also, you can quickly decline and thank anyone who does not meet your requirements and get more applicants. Unfortunately, this is more work for you, since you will have to manually unpause your listing if it fills up quickly. Here is the information for how to add your listing to your profile, so others may help you fine-tune it to perhaps attract the type of sitters who you are seeking. Good luck, regardless of what you decide.
How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile