Contacting Fellow Sitters?

Is there a way to contact fellow sitters in your area. I just looked at sitters in my location and saw that there were a few people there with 20-30+ sits under their belts. As relative new comers, i would love to try and connect with these people and share in their experiences. Maybe meet for a coffee and gain some tips.:thinking:


Hi @LV123 thank you for connecting via our community forum which is a great way to connect with other members. You can use the forum to reach out to members in your area. Because of the very nature of our lifestyles many sitters are transient, although less so in these post COVID times and enjoy connecting with other members when they are on sits, using the forum to connect is a good place to start.

Perhaps post a “We’d Love To Meet” in the sitter category with details of time and location. We will also look at a dedicated section to allow members to connect in real time and on location.

Thank you again.

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Not sure if you are on Instagram/Facebook but there is quite a good community of people sharing their experiences that might be of interest.

I created a post on the forum for people to share their usernames but that was a while ago -