Is it possible to meet or connect to other sitters?

I went to meet a home owner yesterday and she was telling me all about some sitters she recently had, then she handed me a book they had written about their journey pet and house sitting. I thought how nice it would be to get in touch. Is this a possibility though the site? I don’t think it is yet.
Of the 11 years sitting through THS my OH and I have never ever met another sitters other than the wonderful event held at the old offices in Brighton before the pandemic. It was such a great evening to meet others like us, swapping and sharing stories and getting inspired.
So, I guess I’m asking a couple of things, 1, is there any way to connect through the site to a fellow sitter and might this become available and 2 if maybe if there are going to be any get togethers in the U.K.

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Hi @Grateful11 - There have been a few meet-ups made via this group forum and it is easy to organise one yourself. On the home page of this forum group, there is a category ‘meet-ups’. Just start a thread there, say where you are and ask if anyone else is about and is interested in meeting.

We are in Brighton ( near you I think?)all through August this year and are always up for meeting sitters and home hosts :wink:

Here are the photos from meet-ups so far…


Hi @Grateful11,

Great ideas! I’m more of a techie and I live in the middle of nowhere, so I especially like your first idea. =) @mars mentioned this recently too in another recent thread:

Great minds think alike! :rofl: