Meetup for local house sitters

Quick question regarding hosting a local meet up.

Would it be okay to reach out via the app and message fellow house sitters to invite them to a Meetup in the cities where I’m house-sitting?

@Podcaster there is no way for a sitter to contact other sitters - although it’s been requested the platform isn’t designed for that .

There is a work around if you are a combined member- in which case as a homeowner you could create a listing for fake dates - which would then allow you to contact sitters - but that could get very confusing .

Thanks for your reply. I’m amember of a travel community where you can meet up with fellow travelers for museums or concerts etc.

I think it’d be great to meet up with fellow THS Travelers to explore the city and exchange travel adventures and tips on house sitting…

Yeah it looks like if I upgrade to the combined account I could connect with fellow members in the same city.

Just wondering if someone else has done something like this?

And finally wondering if someone from THS would have any recommendations or suggestions?

You could always just post in this forum, stating the name of the place and the dates?

To be able to reach out to individuals directly you would also need to know where and when they were sitting. I’m sure you can see the potential for abuse of a feature like that.

I personally wouldn’t want random strangers contacting me to meet up on a sit unless I had specifically hit the button that says “wants to hang out”. I do occasionally do that on another site, so I can see it might be useful.

But it’s a big and complex feature to build for a small userbase. I can’t see it happening here in the near future.


If you notice a member is going to be in an area you can send a private message via the forum by clicking on their forum profile. This is what we did and I met up with @Catgoddess_99 in my home City of Brighton.


Hey Bonnie thanks for sharing, that’s a great idea!!

How can you see in the forum who’s visiting a certain city?

I created a post in the forum when I was in Atlanta but didn’t get any responses.

But I agree that sending a message to a member using the homeowner feature could be a little confusing and some people may not want to be contacted in that fashion.

Two shiney happy people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You’re a great guide and so knowledgeable, I’m very grateful we had the opportunity to meet up :paw_prints::blue_heart::heart_eyes::smile::black_cat::racehorse::dog2::poodle::cat::hedgehog:


I’ve had meet-ups with two other’s previously after posting in this thread, but not all sitters use the forum so often you wouldn’t even know. I posted a meet-up for Edinburgh in February, and had no response.

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There’s a Facebook group as well from what i understand, although I’ve never looked into it.

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Yeah it seems most house sitters are not here on the forum but they are obviously checking their messages regarding bookings so it’d be cool to be able to opt in for member to member messaging via the app.

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I’ve just joined it…. it’s a bit like the Wild West much like many fb groups!

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I haven’t joined it as I’m in too many groups as it is.

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