Opportunities to meet potential sitters

Wondering whether HOs have considered attending (more) THS meetups. It could be a good way to do in-person meetings with sitters who happen to be in your area and might want to return for other sits. Or maybe there’s some other way that THS can help facilitate in-person mtgs involving sitters who are temporarily in an area.


All we can do @Maggie8K is post potential meet-ups here. Obviously not all members have joined the Forum. I’ve been unlucky getting people to meet up, even in Canberra I had no takers. I really don’t think we can expect THS to arrange meet-ups when they’ve got so many other more pressing matters that need sorting out :wink:

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Hope we get to meet at some point!


Well I’ve never been to Washington….

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Meets ups are fabulous!
I’ve met wonderful people.
Looking forward to many more as soon as I get back to the Great Island! :uk:


Thanks, @Smiley. I don’t think THS should arrange meetups. They could however create functionality that allows sitters to flag when they’re in X location, if HOs want to meet. Technically, it’s not sophisticated. And it could help produce stronger matches.

Didn’t THS a few years ago try to arrange meet ups or had some kind of platform managed separately to the main website? I think it was more aimed at sitters than HOs but there was definitely something being promoted pre-forum for people to connect

@Maggie8K I think THS currently has enough functionality issues to deal with.
We have been asking for a legend/key to be added to the calendar. I am no expert but you would think that was a quick fix.

I’m not suggesting that THS prioritize this.

Perhaps they can add it to the To Do List

I think it’s a great idea, but people need to actually respond… I have posted here a few times about meetups but so far haven’t met anyone.

Same here, I tried to arrange one in London and one by one everyone dropped out

I think meetups are generally hard to coordinate, given varying timelines and locations for sitting. I wonder whether HOs would be more motivated if it meant they could get a better sense of sitters — there’s more incentive than people otherwise meeting up just socially.

Some changes actually can be done concurrently or batch wise, if there’s will. Like if you update mapping, you could potentially integrate current locations of sitters. Not that that’s specifically what THS might want to do, but generally improvements don’t go in sequential order.

I used to host local meetups on couchsurfing - a great way for both hosts and travelers to meet. I have been interested trying a THS meetup for a while, but am too busy until the new year, at least. I did see a sitter coming to my city posted about a meetup soon, but I am just working too much right now to even make it.

I am a “retired expert”, as I used to have a web design business. But even as a chef, managing my own website, I change such as that would be trivial.

It would have taken the exact same amount of time to add a key to the calendar as it did to change homeowner to pet parent.