Contacting HO to express interest even if you cannot make the posted dates?

@LTD You’re correct about the notifications on your phone. You will need to make sure that your phone is set correctly, and I’ll add Vanessa’s instructions on push notifications, for the sake of all forum members.

Push notification settings for phone app (#13 & #14 in that post)

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@ElsieDownie I find this notification feature invaluable. It really helps me stay on top of the listings I think will be a good match for me.

Using the app, I favourite individual listings that interest me when the date range isn’t a match for me. I then get a notification anytime that owner lists.

I also use notification in conjunction with saved searches. I have three saved searches - two set up on the app, for my areas of top interest. I get instant notifications of any listings (not just favourited ones) that fall within those two saved searches.

The third saved search - a wider geographical range - I set up on the website (as I don’t want my phone constantly pinging). I get a daily email for all new or boosted listings in that area, regardless of whether I have them as favourites. I view the email on my laptop, then go to the app and favourite any there (I prefer to view listings on a bigger screen). It’s a daily task that doesn’t take long but keeps me current on my areas of interest. If I miss a day, that’s OK too. Those just weren’t meant to be for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What are ‘push notifications’?

So, is it the case that, if I continue using my laptop and the main THS website, NONE of the HOs or the sits I have ‘favourited’, will ever result in pop-up notifications of another set of dates?
This is madness!!!

@LTD I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator and ask her to address these points when she’s next online. I know she’s done excellent clarification of favourites and saved searches in the past but I don’t seem to find that in my bookmarks all in one post.

‘Push notifications’ is the wording shown on the images in the post I linked to you earlier here and in the image it provides an explanation.

@LTD Just to clarify a little more, the push notifications feature is only available on smart phones so this would not be able to be done on a laptop. It is not specific to TrustedHousesitters but is a general application on phones across the board.
How I personally manage this, as I do like to use my laptop for most functions, and I have downloaded the App, specifically to get notifications on my Favourites as well as Saved Search notifications as @snowbird has done. (these searches must be set up on the phone).
I find the combination of working with both the phone and laptop works really well for me.
Hope this helps.


I always save a favourite by using the heart on my laptop.
I then receive notifications on my app

Yes. Loaded the App this morning. Didn’t realise all the differences.
Yet again, learnt something new about THS.

@LTD its basically an automated message (a message that pops up on a mobile device), sent by an application to you when the application is closed so basically keeping you updated even when you are not actually in the app.

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