First HO listings and no application

Hi, I’m looking for a pet sitter and posted the first listing couple of weeks ago. It was saved by over 10 sitters but no application. The listing is saved to my forum profile so any advise how to make it irresistible would be appreciated.


Hi! Could you mention if there is wifi in the house?
I’m a sitter based in Ireland and might want to visit Cavan in future (not available in June though…). However I need wifi to work from home, unless it’s a really short sit when I might be off.
Generally you might want to use a few more positive words in your listing, like “scenic area” or “snuggly/cute dogs” - your doggies do look very cute!


… if there is no WiFi, is phone reception OK?

@Domini I can understand you wanting to find someone quickly, but from what I see, the sit is not until June, so there is still plenty of time. You have already linked your member profile to your forum profile, so this is helpful for other members to reach out and give valuable feedback.

I would suggest you re-arrange your pics so that the main profile pic is of your adorable furbabies. I really don’t think anyone will take notice of a trampoline and you want your listing to stand out. You also might want to use some clearer pics and include the size of bed so sitters know what to expect. Also, please, for security sake, remove the pics of the kids.

Do you have a car available for the sitter to use, or could you give more specifics of how far to town, any public transportation available etc.

You really do have plenty of time to find a sitter and Ireland is very desirable. Good luck to you!


Agree that the first pic is not something that really stands out as appealing. In a few of the pic there is a lot of clutter, which may put some people off (no judgement, I have plenty of clutter shoved in closets and you should see my garage haha) but really you want to showcase the better aspects of your home. Your pic of the bedroom is good for example (good lighting no clutter).

I have seen that housesitters from overseas are finding car rental in Ireland very expensive, especially for anything longer than a few days. Seeing as your sit is 2 weeks, is it possible for you to make your vehicle available to sitters? You might attract more applications. And I agree, your listing is very factual (which is good) but maybe some more positivity and uplifting language would be good!

Hello, it would be good to show the pets first and an image where you can see the whole house would be nice. Check out the other 10 sits for your dates in Ireland and steal some ideas. Tidier photos of the house with better light would be good, size of the bed & made up to look nice would help. No photos of the children as has been said. If there’s no TV then is there good WiFi? What is there to do nearby? Transport info and potential use of your car will help too. Think of it as a property advert and off you go. Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

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It shows there is high speed wifi, unless that’s been added since you asked…

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I’d love to come and look after your home and adorable dogs some time, but can’t in June. There’s no mention of a tv. Do you have one?

@Smiley They say that they don’t have a TV.

Oops, looks like we both missed something :wink:

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@Smiley I can’t see any info about wifi, could it be because I’m using the app?

WiFi is mentioned in the Amenities @andrealovesanimals which don’t show on the app.

The app allows for captions on the pix which would be helpful.
Also perhpas mention some highlights in your geographic area.
Good luck

Hi Andrea, Thank you for your reply. I’ve included highspeed wifi in the amenities.

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Hi, That’s not a clutter, that’s my children working place. I could probably hide it behind the sofa, but honestly, if someone decide not to come because they’re children toys in one part of the house than we’re both saving lots of time, cause they’re staying there. I’ll work on other parts of the listings. Thank you for your input.


I can’t see the link to your listing.