Contacting HO Without an Active Sit Listed

It does not seem possible to reach out to a HO unless they have an active sit listed. Is this right? This seems limiting because if a HO knows, in advance, a sitter with good credentials is coming to their area, wouldn’t they be interested to know and perhaps create travel plans accordingly? I have a situation coming up where there are only 4 total HO in a town I’m visiting for 4 months Yet I don’t have a way to reach them.

Am I missing something here?

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This is often discussed here on the forum. One thread is here: Asking for future consideration - #11 by HappyDeb.

You can probably find more using the search function - the magnifying glass on the top right of the page opens the search function.

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You are correct. There is no way to contact HO unless they have a listing and you are fortunate enough to be in the first 5 to apply.

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Hi @Ilovechris you are not missing anything - there is no way to contact HOs at the moment. This has been discussed by lots of sitters who have said that they would like a way to be able to do this .

You can change your location to the city that you be visiting….it’s a strange work around but when a homeowner does a search for a sitter their local ones come up first … so by changing your location to their city they will see your profile at or near the top of the list . You can also add a line to your profile stating I will be in xxcity during xxdates “

There is also a thread where you can make suggestions about features that you would like to see maybe suggest your idea here