Couple from the Netherlands, flexibel housesitters in Europe

we are a couple retired early and doing what we like. In the summer we live on our sailboat in Croatia and in the winter months we travel with our bus camper to Spain Portugal. Every year for the last five years we have done a housesit of an average of three months in Spain and Portugal with dogs and cats. We are still looking for a housesit for next winter, but are convinced that it will come our way. Only good experiences through THS. Now also a member of this forum with interesting topics.


@BeJa welcome to the forum! I must say you are doing exactly what we want to do starting next year…and you are doing it some gorgeous areas. Can I also just say the picture you posted here with your introduction is absolutely beautiful. Did you take that picture? It looks so professional!

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@Debbie-Moderator , yes took the picture myself from a mountain behind our home port.


@BeJa That’s a wonderful sort of retirement package the two of you have created. I am very envious as my husband and I lived in Croatia for three months and absolutely fell in LOVE. Was the photo above close to Sibenik? We sailed to as many islands as we could for ten days and every spot we went to felt more beautiful than the last. The people as so kind as well!

Cheers to finding a long term sit in Spain/Portugal!

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Thank you @Kelly-moderator

Croatia has for us the most beautiful sailing waters we know.
Yes our harbour is on Murter near Šibenik!

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I daydream of those those waters on a regular basis :heart:
Do come back and share more photos when you can….it’ll help fuel my wanderlust and I am sure others too.