Couple of colombians looking sits in Asia

We are Manuel and Marcela. We are from Colombia.
We are informatic engineers who love to travel. We used to work in our country in informatic companies. Manuel in cibersecurity and Marcela in software testing.
Last June we decided to leave our country and our jobs for a complete year. The reason: travel around different places learn more of other cultures and also enjoy the traditional food that they have. Right now we are in Europe and our idea is stay in Europe. We did a sit here in France and was great.
In november we are going to travel to Asia, starting in south korea, so we a looking new places there to sit.

our only sit was the france one with a cat and a dog and it was great.
In home we leave 2 beautiful cats and we miss them a lot (they are living with our family right now, in our apartment there).
Also, when we lived when our parents, each house used to had dogs. So, we love both.

Were are fluent in spanish and english


Hi @ManuelToroVelez,

How wonderful to take a year to travel! Funny enough my husband and I did the exact same thing for the entire year of 2018. While we were in Cambodia we met a lovely couple from Colombia and spent a few days hanging out with them - we kept in touch ever since and we got to visit Colombia in 2019 and they showed us around their home city of Bogota. What a beautiful country Colombia is!

Did you post any of your sitting experience on Instagram tagging @trustedhousesitters…I think I may have seen the cat you were sitting for in France? I think you will really enjoy traveling around SE Asia/Asia. There is so much to see and a lot of it (especially the delicious food ) is much more affordable than Europe. Are you seeing any other countries in Europe before you’re off to S Korea? What other countries in Asia would you like to visit?

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Hi @Kelly-Moderator
Thanks for your reply.
You need to comeback to colombia and see my city, Medellin, is beatiful too.
we posted some photos but we did not tag @TrustedHousesitters , I’ll do it.
After france we are going to Slovenia and Hungary.Then Asia. Our plans area Korea, Japan, Malasya, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Phillipines, Myanmar, Indonesia, HK and Singapur. We are reiciving any kinf od advice :wink:


Nothing useful to say; just completely in awe (and not a little envy) of your mega-trip! Best wishes & enjoy it all.

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We actually stayed four days in Medellin and it was by far one of my favorite cities I have ever traveled to. We’ve actually been hearing about a fair amount of Americans moving there in retirement. The climate is so ideal.

Your travel plans sound great! I think you both will really enjoy Slovenia and Hungary. Will you be spending any time around the Lake Bled area? I’ll send you a DM to a link with our travel blog that we kept for the year we traveled. We went to most of the places you listed so our itineraries might be helpful…as well as the tough lesions we learned while on the move.

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Yes , we are going to be in Lake bled. We rent a car and we are going to be discovering some areas of the country during 12 days. In the photos looks amazing