Looks like the world is opening back up at last

I’ve just done a 2022 search on the site and got very excited. It looks like the world is wakening up at last and international travel to some places may be possible.
We are hoping to travel in US, British Columbia, Canada and South America in the next couple of years. Already got our B1/B2 visas (UK citizens) and had our COVID vaccinations, maybe a booster this autumn, so we are ready, willing and able.
What are your plans for 2022 in this bright new world?


TRAVEL! I’ve Colombia booked and a one way ticket into France towards Spain! :yum:


This is so heartwarming and inspirational …

Sitters, like @ElsieDownie & @Amparo where do you hope TrustedHousesitters 2022 travel opportunities will take you and on the other side, owners where do you hope 2022 will take you?


Australia :australia:! Has to happen. I have had visa and tickets in hand (twice) and still haven’t made it over…
It’s time. I will not be denied!

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@ElsieDownie I’m booked from November 2021 through March 2022 with back-to-back sits. The first is for 6 weeks; then the next one is 30 days. I start a 3-month sit in January. I just got the news that I’ll be welcoming a new grandbaby in March, so I’ll spend some time close to home to visit my son and his family one state away. I have another sit booked for one month beginning May 2022. Not sure what summer 2022 holds for my housesitting journey.

By the way, all these sites are in California, as I wanted to spend the winter in a warmer climate since borders are still closed.


Australia is on our radar as well as New Zealand but it really looks like we are looking at least 2023 before they open their borders. We have some sailing friends (sailing round the world) who got permission to land in NZ a month ago, poor them they had to spend lock down in Bali. They are have a whale of a time as they are almost the only tourists around.


Good luck @Amparo! Being Australian we can barely sit in another of our states at present because of so much of the country in lockdown!! Australia’s still going to be a difficult country to get into and out of but I live in hope of returning to the UK next year.

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Thank so very much for your well wishes @temba. These are certainly odd and difficult times. We have to keep that flame of hope alive don’t we?

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