Australia seems to be descending into a draconian Post-COVID society, impossible to enter as a travelling housesitter. Sadly, I was hoping to travel there in 2022, but have begun to seek other options as their COVID protocols begin to exceed those in China. I’d like to housesit there next summer. Denmark or Sweden seem like much better options as their governments have embraced reality. Should I give up Australia until 2023?

I, too, dream of doing Australia in 2022. It does seem as though New Zealand is even worse than Australia, too. Let’s continue dreaming our dream!

Perhaps by the second half of next year @Samson it may be possible to travel to Australia but I wouldn’t be booking any flights yet. Being Australian, I can say I’m quite happy with the measures taken to protect our country and feel blessed not to have experienced the huge case numbers and deaths that other countries have and are still facing.
Like you, I would dearly love to be able to return to international sitting but that’s not an option yet and I understand that. It’s more important at present to bring those Australians overseas home. Tourists just have to be patient.


Temba’s last two sentences are exactly what everyone on this forum should 5000% understand :+1:atm. Let those folk stuck overseas get back home here in NZ or Oz please.

Please be patient.


Ok, I’ll skip plans for Australia. If the country ever opens back up, the COVID cases will skyrocket, and I’ll probably end up stuck there. Its a long flight to see a beach or be quarantined. Spending $$ flying to Denmark or Argentina is the much more safe investment.

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