Feb 2022 Update - Australia Re-Opening

Good news for those wanting to come to Oz! Australia will re-open its borders to all remaining visa holders on February 21 with the condition you must be double vaccinated.


What fantastic news!! :smiley:

Forgot to mention, at this stage, this will exclude Western Australia.

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Hi @Silkypaste welcome to our community forum and thank you for sharing this information … do you have an official link for this which would be really helpful, no worries if not.

Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and thank you again.

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It says from 21st feb eligible visa holders


Thanks for adding these additional links @RunnerC

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No worries as it’s a bit confusing muddling through all the info & often find The ABC useful.


Great news!
I applied for some Oz sits starting around Christmas last night and was surprised to have responses when I woke up this morning.
Problem is that I can’t even figure air schedules and fares yet because most airlines only allow bookings 331 days out so it is too early to book a Jan/Feb return.
Will explain to the HOs and see if they can wait a bit.


Isn’t it great to receive such prompt responses @toml! I’ve noticed a few late year sits advertised too and actually messaged a couple of them saying perhaps it was a little too early as it could limit the number of applicants they receive, especially where they may appeal to overseas sitters. I notice one has disappeared but they could actually be reviewing applicants.
Hopefully those owners who have responded to you will consider delaying their decision as there’s plenty of time, especially if they’d like you to sit for them. They need to take into account that all airlines are not back to running full services yet and it’s not possible for you to book so far in advance. Good luck!


This is wonderful news. I have similar situations and what I have done is book the RT and then later change the return flight as we know the airlines are very flexible with changes right now.
Well done @toml! Keep on rocking it!