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Message from members in Perth, WA

“Not sure whether you are aware that Western Australia opens its borders for interstate and overseas travel Feb 5th. Fingers crossed that the shackles remain off for what we enjoy most”

Peter & Debs (edited)

Full details of required official protocols to follow: WA Government Information :point_down:



Great to hear! We read that today too- we have done 7 housesits in WA- love it there!!

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Please note that the still-strict requirements below. It is also unlikely that WA will let in people who are not citizens/permanent residents or their close family members. Other states and territories have their own rules, though the Federal gov is ultimately in charge of international borders.


Relevant excerpt:

Direct international arrivals

*** You must complete 14 days of hotel quarantine upon arrival in WA at a government approved facility at your own expense.**

  • You will be subject to mandatory COVID-19 tests on the following days:
    • On the day following your arrival in WA
    • On day 5 of quarantine
    • On day 13 of quarantine
    • On day 17 (after you have left quarantine)
    • On day 21 (after you have left quarantine).

If you are a direct international arrival, you will not be permitted to travel domestically or continue on any domestic connections until you have completed your 14-day mandatory quarantine period.

(Signed: Australian citizen who was there from March-September last year and had to request permission to leave. I follow the ever-evolving rules.)