Great to be here, can’t wait to meet you all!

It’s Scott and Jennifer. We live near Washington DC and are more than ready to start traveling again. We have had great fun sitting locally but travel is our favorite activity. Has anyone started international sitting in 2021 yet?


Hi Scott and Jennifer. My name is Frida and I live in Los Angeles with my husband Perre. We haven’t been able to do any international housesits lately. But, this weekend we are going to start a month long housesit super close to the beach in Santa Barbara! I can’t wait.

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Washington is a beautiful place .
We have been twice and loved :wave:

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Hi Scott & Jennifer, Welcome to our community forum it’s great that you could join our Launch “Party” many sitters have been enjoying local sits discovering parts of their own back yard they might not otherwise see … and connecting once again with adorable pets and great people as the saying goes “It’s not how far you go but who you go with” we would add and who you meet on the way.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community and we hope you get on a big silver bird heading to a place you want to see and sit in, very soon.

Enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members.

Angela and the Team

Welcome @Jmcrae ! We have not yet started sitting internationally, but are ‘itching’ to do so! Do you have any plans as of yet? If you could choose anywhere for your first international sit, where would it be? :grinning:

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Hi Scott and Jennifer. No international plans so far in 2020, only national. We are restricted in France, but I would love to sit in Finland or “pays Baltes” when we are vaccinated. Reading posts by new members give ideas…


Hi Frida,
That is so great! I bet you will have a blast. It is so competitive to be chosen for a sit post-Covid. What’s your secret?

Choose Happy

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We are also itching to get out there! But I would say Scotland because we had a huge trip cancelled last summer and really want to get there. We wouldn’t turn down Spain or Costa Rica either. Who am I kidding?! When we can travel again; we will go anywhere!


Thank you Angela for the travel wishes. It is also great to be here with like minded people!

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Gosh. I didn’t realize it is hard right now. I have around 16 positive reviews and I’ve been doing it a few years on the site. I also try to be really specific about why I think I’m a good fit for the housesit. The owner where I am going said that he had a lot of applications with little experience.

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Well that is so good for you. We had no trouble before Covid but now owners have been overwhelmed with applications in our area. Our reviews are all very good but we have only been with the service for just over a year so there are not tons of them yet. Sometimes I wonder if our profile is too wordy. I think it is time to edit it now that we have been doing this for a little while.

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Hi @Jmcrae my profile is still a “work in progress” even after 10 years and nearly 200 sits … now is a great time to “spring clean” and update, especially images. Membership Services will always give a helping hand if you feel you’d like another opinion.

Exactly! We’re sitting for someone starting next week who is doing a short in country trip to see family, but let us know that come summer she’ll be planning a trip to Europe. But even then, if Europe isn’t opened, she will go ANYWHERE abroad that will take her. LOL

Before Covid our lifestyle had us moving every few days to every few months, and Shannon had work travel on top of that, so going from 15,000 miles every month to about 15 miles to and from the grocery store is a shock to the system. At this point we too are willing to go just about anywhere!

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