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Hi, I’m a THS sitter doing sits since March 2016. My home base is in NH but I’ve been traveling a lot since I started sitting. I’ve completed 65 sits in the US and Canada, driving to all of my sits from coast to coast and everywhere in between. I primarily travel solo but occasionally have a friend or family member sit with me. I look for sits that have hot yoga studios nearby and/or famous landmarks/sites to check off of my bucket list.
I’ve been working remotely since 2016 when the college that I taught at for 10 years closed permanently and then my life changed again in 2019 when my house burned down … and then along cake covid.
I’m happy to see the number of sits in the US steadily increasing again! I’m hoping to travel to the ND, WI, MN areas this summer (and hopefully Canada :canada:): I haven’t spent much time in those areas and would love to see them in the summer.

Stacie :slight_smile:


Hello again Rebecca


Hello again Rebecca, then another sitter on the forum. Why so few owners participate (I’m both), it really is a surprise for me. I think we both have to learn from testimonies (by both I mean owners and sitters, not you and me)


Welcome to the forum Stacie.

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Great points, Provence, thank you. -Becky

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Welcome @scoburn946 ! It sounds like life has thrown a few curve balls your way but it sounds like your staying upbeat and managing them well!

We too have been house sitting since 2016. The first year was international (primarily Europe) but we’ve stuck with North America for the last few years. We’re itching to travel abroad again, but of course Covid is making us wait.

What are some of your bucket list places (already done and still remaining)?

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I love to follow the good weather. So far I have only local sits scheduled since I am new here and gaining experience (we live in North Carolina). But, on my bucket list is FL or Australia in the (my) winter and Canada, NC Mountains, and the UK in the summer.

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HI Becky welcome to our TrustedHousesitters community and the forum. Thank you for joining us from NC, you live in a beautiful part of the States.

Sitting locally, where possible, is an excellent way to start your pet and housesitting journey, it’s the advice we give to new members so that they gain experience, add owner reviews to your profile and check out the lifestyle just to make sure that it’s right for you and we learn so much from each sit, they are all unique in their own way, especially the pets.

Our community forum is a great place to connect with other members, sitters and owners, new and experienced all sharing and helping one another, so please ask your questions, share your local sit experiences and we look forward to hearing stories from your bucket list locations … sunshine, pets, people and places, the perfect recipe for a great travel lifestyle.

Good luck!

Thank you for joining …

Angela and the Team

Thank you, Angela! You said it perfectly: “sunshine, pets, people and places…the perfect recipe for a great travel lifestyle!”

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