Creative Updates

This question is for everyone:
Sitters: Do you have any creative ways of sharing daily updates with your HOs during a sit?
Homeowners: What is the most creative way your sitter has shared daily updates while you are away?

I am currently sitting for a family with 3 little girls, one of which is extremely expressive and quite the little artist. When I first visited their home she inundated me with her art work. I suggested she put it all together in a little book for me that I could read while she was away. She did! AND created a whole new little story for me to read. It took her 3 hours one afternoon. I really want to come up with something creative for her & her sisters. I typically will do a video at the end of a sit, compiling all the photos and videos I have sent throughout the sit.

I’d love some ideas!
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Good question! I’m afraid I’m not very creative at all and marvel at some of the videos people can put together with appropriate music added. I just send pics and videos, and usually try to get a selfie with the pets, and the owners have been happy with that. When sitting in the UK I’ve used where I create a card with my own pics and send to the owners, thanking them for trusting me with their home and animals. That’s always well received.


What a cute site. I may create some cards too! I am currently looking for someone to create drawings of all the pets I’ve sat to send to my HOs for Christmas :slight_smile:


How lovely! I know there’s someone on this forum who does that. Do a search and you should find her. Share them when you do too please


I think I had read that somewhere which is where the inspiration came from :slight_smile: I also plan to send a little locally made Christmas gin to my HOs and friends I met while I was in the UK.

Very generous of you


The most creative one I’ve done was a photo puzzle for the owners to solve :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I suggest to Google your photo puzzle provider from your city.


I’ve often written to them from the point of view of the animal/s that we’re caring for. That way you can make them feel that whilst the animals are missing them they’re having fun running rings round the sitters!


That sounds so cute! I have to look into it. Thanks :slight_smile:

That sounds so cute. I am sure the girls would love that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I send photos via phone/what’s app, daily but I hold some of the photos back. If the sit is in the U.S., it’s very easy to go online at CVS Pharmacy and create a collage refrigerator magnet. They are ready to pick up in an hour. The magnets have always been a hit. When sitting out of the country, I make the magnet when I return, and send it to them. For my last sit, with a standard poodle, I titled it “Cody’s Staycation”. I love seeing them too, so usually make one for my fridge, too.


@ShulasMom These are adorable! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Honestly I’m just delighted to get a photo of my cat looking content on WhatsApp. My last sitters printed a photo of him and left it framed for me. It was such an incredibly thoughtful thing to do. I have so many photos of him on my phone but this is the first one on display


@Joandacat That is so thoughtful and I’m sure so special for you :slight_smile: