Criminal Background Check - cannot proceed

We received an email stating we need to complete a background check. We did that less than a year ago when we first joined TH.
I go to the connection and it brings up an error message. I have been trying for 3 days (especially since every time I try to proceed past the opening page it brings up a screen that tells me to go to my profile and complete a background check.). When I go to my profile, every section has a green bubble next to it that says COMPLETED.
Have I done everything necessary? If not, how can I do so when it won’t let me proceed. If I have done everything, is there a way to keep that window from popping up (the 1 directing me to go to my profile page).
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Hi @Cyn. I am tagging @Therese-Moderator who will email you directly once she’s next online.

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Hi @Cyn I will email you directly from membership services. Kind regards Therese

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