DC transit pass: yes or no?

I will be doing 2 sits in Washington DC from May 17-28. It will be my first time there and I have had fun researching things to do.
My first sit is closest to Waterfront metro station and the second is closest to Eastern Market. I am debating whether to get a multi day metro pass or just reload as I go. I am quite capable of walking reasonable distances and the Circulator bus seems like a great option. Any thoughts from those in the know are appreciated. Also, anything touristy that is vastly overrated? Cheers.

We visit Washington, D.C. regularly due to our proximity. Part of our visits include lots of museums, which means lots of standing and slow walking. So, to prevent early museum fatigue, we do get the daily or weekly passes for the transit system. We’re not 25 anymore (the age of boundless energy) so using transit makes sense to us.:slight_smile:

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I’d get a Metro pass. Plenty to do, see and eat in D.C. and the circulator bus doesn’t cover plenty of spots. D.C. is my favorite city in the U.S. and I’ve never visited anywhere that I thought was overrated there, though of course everyone has their own preferences.

I’d suggest a night tour via tour trolley as well. The city’s sights are beautifully lighted at night. The best tour to take, IMO, is timed to start at twilight. I’ve lived in the D.C. area twice and still take that tour when I visit, because I find it so lovely. The tour trolleys board in front of Union Station, where there’s also a Metro station. Amtrak also stops there, if you want to consider trips to NYC, Philadelphia or such.

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Thanks for this. I will likely go to Baltimore for an Orioles game but otherwise stick to DC. The Memorial Day parade sounds wonderful. Have you been?

Yes indeed. My plans include many museums. Thanks so much.

What do you plan to do while there? My fave things while there was biking out to Mount Vernon and I did a walking/food tour in georgetown. Did happy hour at the library of congress, but you need to get a library card to really see it. They shuffle you in and then out. Have fun!

Those all sound like great ideas. I would say that I am planning on fairly typical touristy stuff.

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