Deleting Favourited or "hearted" listings


Is it possible to find all of the sits I have saved (hearted) to un-save some? It’s not saved searches, saved sits.

We’ve often saved sits for different reasons/needs over the past 5 years and I wanted to go through and un-save some.

Hopefully this has made sense!


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Hello @UKSitter and yes, once you have saved (hearted) particular listings, you can un-save them.

On the app

Go to Favourites
You’ll be able to scroll through the listings you’ve “hearted” and remove any you no longer want by clicking again on the heart.

On the website

From the dropdown menu select favourites
You’ll see the messages for those listings you have favourited
Select the one you want to remove and go to the listing
Remove the heart by clicking on it

I’ve always found the app to be easier for this process if you’ve got lots of “hearted” listings.

Hope that help but if there’s anything I’ve missed just ask :slight_smile:

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Hi @UKSitter You will still have some you no longer want in Favorites if they are no longer members as you can’t remove them.

Perfect thanks very much!