Where can I See a list of all my saved sits?

Is there a place I can find all the sits I saved?

Hi @sameers. Welcome to the community forum. You’ve come to the right place to get answers to your questions.

Are you asking about seeing your saved searches, or the sits you “favourited” by clicking on the little heart?

That’s right - the sites I favorited. But when I click on Favorites inside the Inbox screen, I just keep seeing the inbox, and not the list of “heart”-ed sits.

Actually I can’t tell what Favorites is showing me - it’s other people I corresponded with, so it feels like my messages are shown split across two pages.

At any rate, I see sits highlighted with a red heart when I do a search but I can’t find a place where they are all listed in one set.


If you have favourited listings with a heart in the app then you find them via the small heart icon on the bottom of your app. If you use the website then go to favourites on the menu via the hamburger (3 horizontal lines) in the top right hand corner.

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