Where in the app do I find saved searches?

I have entered 3 saved searches in the app (which is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used), and nowhere is it obvious where those saved searches are located. It is nowhere under “Find a sit”, nor in the options under “Me”. It shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack. Also, why do we have to enter our saved searches both (or either) in the app and on the desktop. Shouldn’t they be integrated??

@Laurel on the tab with your dashboard, inbox, etc., you will see “favorites”. That is where you saved searches are located.

@Laurel go to search (the spy glass) and then go to saved at the top of the screen on the RHS. Saved searches are different to favourites that @Debbie-Moderator mentions. Favourites are the listings you have favourited with a heart

If you saved/hearted a particular home that’s at the botton of the page under “favorites”


If you save a geographic search with or w/o filters…you can name then it you click on the magnifying glass at the bottom…and ar the top you see

those searches are under “saved.”

I can find my saved searches fine on desktop (which is different from favorites), but on the phone app, it appears to be a magnifying glass at the top right of the page with a heart in it. I would not necessarily think that symbol meant “saved searches”. Is there any reason there can’t be some text in that upper corner to specify what it is?

On an unrelated note, I also can’t sign into the forums using my phone. When I enter my (correct) login information it tells me I’ve got it wrong. It works fine on desktop, however. The app needs some serious work.

Hello @Laurel

When on your app the journey to view your saved searches should be as follows:

Click the spyglass to open searches, then click on the ‘saved’ this will then open your saved search list.
click on the saved search list that you would like to open.
The heart in the corner of the listing is not anything to do with your saved search. The heart is pink when you have clicked the heart on a listing to save it to your favourite list.

Currently saved searches on the website send you emails and saved searches on the App send you push notifications on your phone.

Regarding the log-in issues, I believe there is a reported issue regarding logging in via the app. Thank you for your feedback and please let me know if you need any more help.

@Carla-Moderator . I don’t get the saved option as it shows in your screenshot? I’m using Android. I have to use the top right spyglass with the heart ( which logically would be favourites (ie. The heart) but brings me to saved searches.)

It’s interesting, Carla, my app search screen looks different from yours. I don’t have 3 tabs under the search option. As you can see from the screen shot, I have a small magnifying glass with a heart in the upper right corner of the screen that leads to my saved searches.

I’m using the TH app on a Samsung S10+ running Android version 12.

@Laurel @Timshazz Ah okay, I am using my iPhone, apologies as should have asked for your device. However, it is good for me to know what the different setups look like. I agree if the spyglass with a heart in it is for your saved searches then it does look different and I will pass the feedback to the product team to query why. Thank you both.

@Laurel that’s what i see. Android/Samsung too.

My question is about favorites. Using the android app. I’ve asked THS help but they cannot help and they keep thinking I’m asking about saved searches.
Does anybody know?

In the App when looking at your favorites, there is a choice to see if any are looking for sitters. It’s still inaccurate, has been for a long time. Currently you see favorites that are looking for sitters and favorites that are not. This could be a very useful search feature if it worked correctly. Any idea if it will ever work as intended?

As far as I know the ability to look at your favorites to see if any are looking for sitters is only available with the app.

@ExploreDreamDiscover you just got me extremely excited. I had no idea that filter was there. So i used it to show my favourites currently needing sitters, but alas, the first 10 are all reviewing already. So its basically useless for me. :woman_facepalming:

@ExploreDreamDiscover @Timshazz Thank you for sharing this as I had not been using the filter either! If there are issues with the filter working let me know.
Thank you Carla

@Carla-Moderator top right there is a filter icon. This is what you get when you select it

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@Timshazz awesome thank you! Well, there is always more to learn :rofl: :grinning:

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“Currently looking for a sitter” is not accurate, at least not for me . I see listings looking for sitters and some that are not.
Anyone else? .

I will modify to say as Carla has noted. When you use this filter if there are dates the listing is looking. No dates it’s reviewing,

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@ExploreDreamDiscover I just went through mine and they all have dates or are in ‘reviewing’ in that filter. It may be the reviewing ones that look as though they have no dates? Please feel free to DM any links to listings that are there and do not have dates and are not reviewing. I can then forward these on. I will also ask the tech team what the parameters of this filter are.

Yes that is correct. I now see that if they have dates they are still looking but no dates are reviewing. If I see otherwise I will let you know. Thanks, I do like this fitler. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ExploreDreamDiscover yes. I just looked at my first 100. Only 13 have dates because the rest are already reviewing applications.