App saved-search navigation updated

The most recent updated app seems to be a bit wonky. Saved searches have disappeared and a few other things. Anyone else noticed?


Hi @Oztravels
My saved searches seem to be fine. Perhaps if you close the App and reopen, this may rectivy you issue. However, please let us know if this continues for you and the other issues, so we can the technical team know.

Thanks. It seems the UI engineers have just moved/deleted the spyglass from above the search bar and it now appears once you enter the search bar. No big issue.

Hello @Oztravels

We have recently done an update to the App where we have changed the layout.

  • We have swapped the positions of ‘filters’ and ‘saved search’ buttons, this aligns with user experience patterns seen in other applications.
  • This will also give more prominence to Saved search.

Please see video attached.

Thanks Ben. Works well.

App store approvals and you beat me to it, updating the forum :joy: