How do I clean up my Favourites list?

Hi, I want to clean up my favourites list but the archive button doesn’t remove the post from the main list. My front list remains with all my applications (although also archived!) so I really want a delete button to reduce the numbers which now go back years. Also the two labels, ‘Favourite/Possible’ are not a wide enough range and a No label would be useful! I probably should have posted this on the web site topic page but do any of you other sitters have these issues with these points?

Hi @Speedwell. Here’s a post that addresses your question, I think.

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Many thanks - I’m going to have a big spring clean!

@Speedwell If you’re in your home country right now, you’re a day late for a spring clean as it’s the first day of summer today. It will have to be a summer clean. :sun_with_face:

Hee hee! You’re absolutely right!

I’ve only been to NZ once and was bowled over with your lovely country. I’m in the UK so am making the most of the good weather just now which will change in a couple of days as it always does!