A question on favorites

Just a quick question. Id love to organise my favories in to areas.
Is there any way to do this?

Replying to @Gina, the OP:

Nope. Sorry but favourites are immovable feasts. You can’t do anything but apply labels to them.
Sometimes, you can’t get rid of them. EVER.

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I think the only time I haven’t been able to get rid of old favorites is when the homeowner leaves the THS site and you can’t open their listing any longer.
But if you favorite one and then want to delete it, just open it, click on the green “view listing” link. Then, in the actual listing, click on the red heart until it turns clear again. That’ll take it out of your favorites list.


I just applied labels to mine for different areas (Florida, Australia, Washington, Europe). You can’t change the actual order in the favorites list, but it’ll let you sort by specific labels.

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Thankyou all.
I was doubtfull that thete was something i was missing.
I havent got loads of favorites but my organised mind would love to tidy them up a little!
So be it.