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Hi all,
I’ve been making liberal use of the labels & colors we can use for the sits we’d like to do (currently or eventually). At some point, I realized we can label a sit without marking it as a favorite (helpful when the dates make it a great option right now, but it’s not a “favorite” sit on any other basis/we don’t wish to be notified of future sits there). However, now that I’ve marked some with the label “apply?” I cannot see how to filter for those as all filtering seems to be of favorited sits. Where do the labeled sits land if not favorited?
I really hope that makes sense! Haha.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Kaci

If I am reading your question correctly, when you make labels in your inbox, yes, these remain there and you can search by label type.

If you click on your conversation thread and view the listing, you will see the red heart on the top right hand side. You can then ‘unsave’ that listing, so it removes it from your favourite list. This needs to be done on a one-on-one basis. However, you can also view your favourites on the App, which displays better and will be quicker to ‘unsave’ various listings.

The ‘favourite’ function is often used by sitters, if you are not available for the pet parent/owner’s present sit, but like their listing, so you will then be notified of any new dates through the App.

I hope this helps.

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Does this actually work for people? I have never gotten a notification of a favorite being available, and every time I ask for advice the folks at support only respond with how to do it on an iPhone, never on an Android.

I even filed a ticket with support but they thought that I meant saved searches not individual favorites. Once I clarified, I never heard back.

@MissChef I might not be too helpful as I do not have an Andriod for the settings etc. But yes, you should get an app notification every time one of your favourite listings posts new dates.
Check that all of your notifications are switched on in your phone’s settings.
Outside of that, I will refer you back to the Membership Sevices Team and sorry to hear that they did not follow up with you. I will mention that as well.
Please keep an eye out for their email :slightly_smiling_face:

I received two notices this week about favorites having new dates. Was on phone app, not website or email.

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We get lots of alerts to say a favourite is back on the sitting list with new dates, probably quicker than the general country alerts. Not sure why :thinking:

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