Not Suitable Label?

I’ve just checked my inbox and have noticed that one application from a potential sitter has been marked, above the date, as Not suitable. I’ve never seen this before and am a little confused. I’ve checked the person’s profile and can see nothing that would cause such a comment to be attached to their application. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hello @KaitK

I’ve just checked your account for you and it seems that you have a label applied to this applicant from a couple of months ago. The sitter applied to a sit and was rejected for Sept dates – you can see this if you click on the message in your inbox. I believe there are now 3 standard labels set up that you can choose to use or amend using the labels option – Like, Possible, Not Suitable – and the “Not Suitable” label has been applied in this case. It could have been saved against this sitter by mistake, easily done but also easily rectified. Simply click on the inbox message, then on LABELS above, and you’ll see a tick/check box where you can remove this label.

Hope that helps and have a lovely weekend.

All the best, Vanessa and the team

Sitters want labels too, please!!! I know it’s been asked before, but it would be great to mark a sit so that I don’t have to read the whole listing again and then remember: oh yes, pet sleeps on bed (for example)…


Thanks Vanessa. I’m not sure how that happened because I hadn’t even noticed the ‘label’ tag! I hope this was only seen by me because I’d hate it to have had any impact on the sitter.

You can create your own label when looking at a sit option. I favorite quite a few and then label them by dates (spring 2023 vs. holidays 2022) and location (Europe, Canada, different states). You can give them any label you want, including ‘unsuitable’, ‘bedsleepers’. Oh… I have one label for sits that include the car. It makes it easier to sort the list.


Hi @KaitK … just to reassure, absolutely not… your labels can ONLY be seen by you, there is no risk your sitter saw this. Did you manage to remove it OK? Just let me know if you need help.

@botvot - labels are an option for sitters as well and they are linked to both inbox messages and favourites in your dashboard as @Harris2 suggests - we find them a great way to manage our messages, applications and favourites.